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I offer anyone who is interested in using hypnotherapy a completely FREE consultation. There is no obligation to have any treatment at this time.

The free consultation is your opportunity to find out everything about my 

services. I will spend time listening to you and will also ask you some important questions.

I will explain everything in full detail to you so you can go home feeling much

more informed and ready for your first hypnotherapy session.

Hypnotherapy does not work on everyone, so I will ask several questions to check suitability for my treatments. If you are not suitable then I will inform you at this consultation.

Once the free consultation is over, I will advise you to go home and think about it.
In fact, I will NOT let you book any treatment unless you have gone home and had a think about it! This is to prevent you from feeling “pressured” into booking on the spot and ensuring that you want to change things for the right reasons...

(Please note: The free consultation for smoking cessation can be provided over the telephone. This is because it will increase the chance of overall success if you see me as soon as possible for the actual treatment.)

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